Colosseeum icon representing Creative Mines gladiator tough mix design.

Gladiator Tough

To survive the test of time, you better be tough. Like the structures of Ancient Rome, Creative Mines is the only brick masonry veneer using pozzolan - a natural additive found in icons like the Colosseum for unrivaled durability.

Weather elements icon representing Creative Mines performance in different weather conditions

In its Element

Nature is unpredictable and Creative Mines brick excels in all seasons. Our industry-leading freeze-thaw durability with 0% degradation, 3800 PSI compressive strength and superior resistance to moisture intrusion and unsightly efflorescence is unmatched.

Nature icon representing Creative Mines natural appearance and artisan made quality

Nature's Canvas

Skilled artisans handcraft each brick with breathtaking color and texture combinations. By leveraging our proprietary cementitious mix design, we can effectively decrease CO2 emissions by up to 84% per square foot when compared to clay brick.