Why Creative Mines Brick?

Designed to the highest standard...your own!

What makes Creative Mines a smart choice?

  • Environmentally Friendly- Creative Mines brick reduces C02 emissions by 84% compared to clay brick.

  • Gladiator Tough- To survive the test of time, you better be tough. Like the structures of Ancient Rome, Creative Mines is the only brick masonry veneer using pozzolan - a natural additive found in icons like the Colosseum for unrivaled durability.

  • Made by Hand- Each brick has been finished by artisan hands to express the distinct color palettes, history and timeless character.

  • Easier Installation- Compared to clay brick, Creative Mines brick veneer installs easy over a variety of substrates and doesn't require a brick ledge or wall ties.

Creative Mines

Artisan Made

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